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Raw data for Version 2 of "Evaluation of the Luminex xTAG Respiratory Viral Panel FAST v2 assay for detection of multiple respiratory viral pathogens in nasal and throat swabs in Vietnam"

Posted on 2018-04-17 - 10:35

Dataset 1: Respiratory Viral Diagnostic Result from 442 patient swabs of the Luminex and reference assays.

- Site: Abbreviation of provinces where hospitals involved in the study, where patients were recruited. (DlK: Daklak, DT: Dong Thap, H: Hue, and KH: Khanh Hoa)

- Gender: patient sex, 1: Male, 2: Female

- DateCollection: Date when patient samples were collected

- Flu A type (CDC): Results of influenza A and types from the reference assay: CDC Realtime RTPCR assay

- Flu B (CDC): Results of influenza B from the reference assay: CDC Realtime RTPCR assay

- RSV type: Results of RSV A and RSV B from in-house reference PCR assay

- detected by 4tube multiplexPCR: Results of other 10 viruses from reference assay: in-house 4-tube multiplex PCR

- Luminex result: Results from Luminex assay

- Diagnose: Final diagnosis based on Luminex and reference assays, it was defined “pos” if sample was positive with any of reference assays or Luminex assay, ”undiagnosed” if sample was negative with all reference assays and the Luminex assay


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