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Dataset Files 1 and 2 for version 1 of "Linking health facility data from young adults aged 18-24 years to longitudinal demographic data: Experience from The Kilifi Health and Demographic Surveillance System"

posted on 2017-07-13, 09:26 authored by Christopher Nyundo, Aoife M Doyle, David Walumbe, Mark Otiende, Michael Kinuthia, David Amadi, Boniface Jibendi, George Mochamah, Norbert Kihuha, Thomas N Williams, David A Ross, Evasius Bauni
Experience from The Kilifi Health and Demographic Surveillance System: Raw data for linked participants and unmatched participants

Dataset File 1: Linkage data. Age_group: age of participant on the day they visited the clinic, three missing values; facility: Matsangoni or Pingilikani; visit_date: date when participant visited clinic, three missing values; service_time_minutes: duration (in minutes) it took for participant to get served, 29 missing values; visit_reason: reason for visit, four missing values; exclusion: variable indicating the records that were included in the ‘clinic visit analysis’; visit_no: some participants made more than one visit during the study period - this variable indicates the number of visits made at any one instance; distance_to_facility: distance (in KM) from the homestead to health facility.

Dataset File 2: Unmatched participant data. Data clerk: Study staff who did the consenting, searched and linked study participant’s demographic data with the clinic visit data; Hmname: Homestead name. Name a by which a homestead is known and referred to; HmHead: Homestead head. The person who heads a home, and makes important decisions for the family; Location: Administrative unit in the government structure headed by a chief; Sublocation: A sub-unit of a location headed by an assistant chief.


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