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Dataset 2: Sequenom assay design information.

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posted on 2017-02-14, 11:10 authored by Irene Omedo
Data includes the locus and IPLEX specific primers used in the sequenom reaction to amplify and type the SNPs of interest. Gene product, gene product name; Gene_symbol, gene name; Chromosome, chromosome location of gene; SNP position on chromosome, SNP site; reference allele, 3D7 reference allele; alternative allele, alternative allele; sequence, 3D7 reference sequence spanning the SNP site; first_pcrp, first PCR primer sequence; second_pcrp, second PCR primer sequence; extension_primer, IPLEX extension primer sequence; extension1_call, IPLEX primer with extended SNP;  extension1_mass, Mass of the extended IPLEX primer; extension1_sequence, sequence of extended IPLEX primer; extension2_call= IPLEX primer with alternative extended allele; extension2_mass, Mass of the extended IPLEX primer with alternative allele; extension2_sequence, sequence of extended IPLEX primer with alternative allele.