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Dataset 2: Sequenom assay design information.

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posted on 14.02.2017 by Irene Omedo
Data includes the locus and IPLEX specific primers used in the sequenom reaction to amplify and type the SNPs of interest. Gene product, gene product name; Gene_symbol, gene name; Chromosome, chromosome location of gene; SNP position on chromosome, SNP site; reference allele, 3D7 reference allele; alternative allele, alternative allele; sequence, 3D7 reference sequence spanning the SNP site; first_pcrp, first PCR primer sequence; second_pcrp, second PCR primer sequence; extension_primer, IPLEX extension primer sequence; extension1_call, IPLEX primer with extended SNP;  extension1_mass, Mass of the extended IPLEX primer; extension1_sequence, sequence of extended IPLEX primer; extension2_call= IPLEX primer with alternative extended allele; extension2_mass, Mass of the extended IPLEX primer with alternative allele; extension2_sequence, sequence of extended IPLEX primer with alternative allele.