Dataset 1_ Information on genes and SNPs typed in P. falciparum parasite populations.txt (89.24 MB)

Dataset 1: Information on the 276 SNPs genotyped in 177 genes in P. falciparum parasite populations from The Gambia, Kilifi and Rachuonyo South.

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posted on 14.02.2017 by Irene Omedo
The columns contain the following information: study_location, site of sample collection; sample_id, unique sample identifier; gene_symbol, gene name (if available); chr_valid, chromosome; coord_valid= base position of SNP on chromosome; sequence_code, SNP name; assay_code, name of assay; rsnumber, unique SNP identifier in dbSNP; reference_allele, 3D7 reference allele, alternative_allele, alternative allele; single letter code, IUPAC code for SNPs; result, genotype call after processing; allele1, IUPAC code for allele 1; allele2, IUPAC code for allele 2; allele_ratio1, proportion of allele 1; allele_ratio2, proportion of allele 2; pass_fail, coding of SNP based on availability of valid genotype (pass) or lack of a valid genotype (fail). Geospatial data for homestead location is considered sensitive data and therefore cannot be made open access. However, it can be accessed through a request to our data governance committee, using the email address mmunene@uat/newsite.